The Sunshine Hospitals, Bhubaneswar Centre of Excellence (CoE) in Neurosciences offers advanced neurology, neurosurgery, spine surgery, brain tumour surgery, neuro radiology, neuropsychology and neuro rehabilitation services to patients of all ages.

Designed to achieve outcomes in treating neurological disease matching those of the leading institutions in the country, the CoE has an outpatient and inpatient services, a day care unit, dedicated neurosurgical ICU, state-of-the-art imaging facilities including MRI Scan and CT Scan and a 24-hour emergency division for handling all neurological and neurosurgery emergencies including complex neurotrauma and hyperacute management of stroke. The neurology department provides treatment for all the neurological diseases including stroke, headache, epilepsy, coma, neuropathies, multiple sclerosis, myopathies, Parkinson’s disease, Myasthenia Gravis and many more. Our Neurosurgeons treat neurological diseases such as head injury, spinal injury, brain tumours, spinal tumours, brain hemorrhage, hydrocephalus, nerve injuries, tumours, disc prolapse or herniation, spinal dislocation, unstable spine, etc.

Sunshine Hospitals has been providing world-class care and pioneering neurological research for many years.we have interdisciplinary centers to cater different kinds of neurological disorders. We provide our patients with a unique blend of personalized care with advanced and innovative technology. We have an expert team of Neuro Science surgeons who are adept at this field and offer specialized medical services in the following domains:
1. Neurology
2. Neuro-Surgery
3. Spine surgery
Our integrated approach towards treating the neurological disorders have proved instrumental in improving our treatment of specific neurological disorders like the Parkinson’s disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis and much more.